Our Process

Our goal is to educate our clients and put them in a position to make educated decisions that best suit their needs, their lifestyle, their family, and their budget. Our approach to client relationships is consultative, where we take on the role of trusted adviser, rather than merely a contractor or service provider.


During our initial consultation, a member of our design team will meet with you on-site to discuss your project goals, budget, and timeline expectations. This meeting provides us an opportunity to discuss any preliminary design ideas, as well as an initial look at your property so we can assess what it might bring to the overall design. Additionally, we like to use this as an opportunity to showcase our firm’s portfolio so you can review our work as it relates to your project, as well as reviewing our design-build process.


Our site analysis, or survey phase, allows us to comprehensively assess your property, including the evaluation of the existing landscape features and conditions, views, and drainage patterns, as they relate to the intended use of your property. We research zoning, environmental, and architectural regulations at all governmental levels during this time so that we are well prepared for the design phase.


The Design Development phase is all about our conceptual design. Now is the time that we put our creative collaboration to paper, ideally providing you a blueprint of the design concepts we discussed during our consultation. We take your existing conditions and overlay them with the project goals you’ve come up with, as well as the designs we’ve developed. Design development is a process, successful through communication between designer and homeowner. We work together to adjust the initial plan, as necessary, into one that will meet your wants and goals.


Upon approval of a design and budget following design development, we begin to develop the final site plan, also called construction documents. Our landscape architects take the conceptual model and establish a detailed program, which involves specifications of the project like grading, planting, lighting, and construction details. Liquidscapes works with the client during this stage of finalizing the timeline and hiring outside consultants, as well as obtaining necessary permits.


We are now ready for the implementation of your project. Throughout the construction process, Liquidscapes continues to manage your landscape or pool construction efficiently. Our builders are second to none and provide excellent craftsmanship per our construction details. Our architects and contractors work together seamlessly as a team to craft a finished product that will embody your vision. Your project will be professionally completed on time and within budget by the efforts of our collective team.